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Joy Beyond Grief - Support Programme -Coming soon June 2024

This programme is designed for you if you are grieving and are currently reading my book or have decided to purchase it to help you with your loss. Once a month for a full year we will gather on zoom and I will be there to support you as we explore a chapter a month, starting in June 2024 with chapter 1 and finishing in May 2025 with Chapter 12. Where we will have looked in depth at each chapter in the book.

In my book I describe it as a hand for you to hold as you journey through your grief, well, this programme takes that a step further and is a sanctuary a sacred place for us to come together.

Each monthly meet will be an interactive experience and will include:

  • Why I wrote the chapter and its significance to your loss
  • How each chapter may help you
  • There will be an opportunity to look at the self love exercise and see how they may help you
  • A gentle meditation
  • Plenty of time for Q&A
  • Sharing time if you wish
  • A focus for the month to help you navigate your loss

This programme will include:

  • A 2 hour session each month with myself exploring all of the above (for 12 months)
  • Access to my Monthly Grief Tapping Circle
  • A copy of my Joy Beyond Grief support booklet
  • Access to a private Whats app group where you can engage in your experiences of the monthly gatherings

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My Story

When my husband died very suddenly in 2002, I felt my life was over. But now I realise that although I would obviously rather my husband be alive today, this horrendous event has lead me on a wondrous journey.


My journey of healing lead me to EFT and later Matrix Reimprinting & Advanced Clearing Energetics, all of which I now work as a practitioner and a trainer. I have experienced first hand just how much these therapies can do.

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Joy Beyond Grief - The Book

For the past several years I have been writing my book Joy Beyond Grief. During this time I have researched, worked with hundreds of clients affected by grief and I have documented my own loss.