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Whether you are here to make changes in your personal life or you want to enhance your career as a holistic practitioner, I welcome you to this place of transformation.

COVID-19 Disruptions

I would like to apologies for any course disruption at the moment due to the coronavirus, but please join me in the free daily tap sessions with many international tapping practitioners & trainers.

My Story

When my husband died very suddenly in 2002, I felt my life was over. But now I realise that although I would obviously rather my husband be alive today, this horrendous event has lead me on a wondrous journey.


My journey of healing lead me to EFT and later Matrix Reimprinting & Advanced Clearing Energetics, all of which I now work as a practitioner and a trainer. I have experienced first hand just how much these therapies can do.

Training & Workshops


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From Grief to Peace and Beyond to Joy


Joy Beyond Grief Services


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Joy Beyond Grief Specialist Practitioner Training

Joy Beyond Grief - The Book

For the past several years I have been writing my book Joy Beyond Grief. During this time I have researched, worked with hundreds of clients affected by grief and I have documented my own loss.