My Story


When my husband died suddenly in 2002, I felt my life was over. The love of my life was gone. I was devastated. But now I can look back and realise that although obviously I would rather my husband be alive today, this horrendous event lead me on a journey of self-discovery.


A journey, which began with a lot of reading, initially as a way of occupying my mind so as not to dwell on my loss but which soon became a way of seeking help. A journey which so far has lead me to see the world from a totally different positive perspective and has enabled me to cross paths with some truly charming and interesting people.

My Journey


My journey led me meandering through wonderful therapies and techniques including Reiki, Psych-K, to EFT and later Matrix Reimprinting and Advanced Clearing Energetic, all of which I now work as a practitioner and a trainer. I have experienced first hand just how much these therapies can do to help you help from all manner of issues. I have also spent three years studying crystals and how they can help the healing journey.


I am also META-Health trainer and use this brilliant diagnostic tool to help people understand why they are unwell & really get to the root cause of their problem. It fits in so beautifully with my therapies. I also have a passion for researching, also have a passion for researching, I am a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, I think I was born asking “Why”. So with all my therapies I spend time gathering and integrating the latest science which supports my work. I feel so privileged to have found some excellent therapies that answer many of my questions about illness, pain and loss.



My name is Janice Thompson and I have recently moved onto my narrow boat in Sunny Shropshire. I have wanted to do for some time, as I love the lifestyle. Being a nature lover I am in my element on the water surrounded by nature. Meandering along the canal or taking a walk out in the fresh air listening to and watching the many beautiful birds in the area especially the kingfishers. I enjoy looking at the spectacular trees, which make my heart sing. The wonderful smells of wild plants and the green rolling hills contribute greatly to nurturing my inner peace and the enjoyment of my life.


I try and live in the moment and follow my heart in everything I do from relationships to work. As I believe if you follow your own true inner guidance you are happier and healthier and can really enjoy life to the full.


Some of my favourite hobbies at the moment are walking, running, reading, enjoying a good meal with friends, attending concerts and music festivals. Not forgetting walking my great companion Dudley the Dachshund.



I have been in the complimentary therapy industry for over 15 years now and have worked with hundreds of clients. I specialise in working with grief and loss but I also work with clients with a vast array of issues. I run training courses in EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Grief. I run two types of grief courses, one for practitioners to best equip them to help those experiencing loss and one for those who have lost a loved one to give them support and tools to help themselves. I regularly talk at conferences and workshops about grief and loss and I continuously researching how best I can conduct my work.


Most recently I qualified as a British School of Meditation teacher. So I am delighted to now be running regular classes for clients to help with their personal issues and for anyone who wishes to explore meditation. My classes range from beginners to advanced. I am also expanding my work with compassion a very understated caring behaviour. I run a day workshop exploring all about compassion with some wonderful exercises included.