Joy Beyond Grief

Are you struggling with grief ?
Have you recently lost a loved one or have you been suffering with loss
for several years and feel stuck?

Then the 9 myths of grief e-booklet and recording of the 9 myths of grief talk can help you gain some clarity about what you are going through.
By dispelling some of the myths of grief you can begin to make sense of your own grief experience.

Losing a loved one is…. well impossible to put into words,
I truly hope this information helps you in some small way. Loss can feel very lonely so I invite you to join me, as someone who has had first hand knowledge of the pain of loss to help you 🙂

Sending love and Peace 🙂 x

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If you have lost a loved one and particularly if you have used any energy techniques to help yourself through your grief and you would be willing to share your experience with me, then I would feel privileged to hear from you.

Book launch coming soon

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