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If you have recently been bereaved or suffered a loss of any description then this may be of help to you. If someone you love dies whether through a terminal illness, a heart attack, a suicide, through an accident or from old age then it will be painful, very painful.


You can also experience the pain of loss when a pet dies, when a relationship ends, or you experience a redundancy, if you have experienced a miscarriage, or have lost your house due to financial reasons, or if you have experienced a loss of independence due to a disability. There are many, many forms of loss that can cause us to have a grieving experience.

How does it work?


This therapy is to help you through your grieving experience, whether your loss is recent or happened several years ago and you are still struggling.


If your loss is recent I will work with you to process all the emotions and feelings you are experiencing, I will give you some gentle yet powerful tools to help you whenever you feel overwhelmed with emotions or numbness. We shall work gently together to help you deal with any specific aspect of loss which is causing additional pain.


If your loss was some time ago now and you feel like you cant let go or move on then I will work with you to find out what is happening in terms of your grieving experience. We will look at any factors that are keeping you trapped in your pain and help you to gently move through them.


These sessions are usually an hour or an hour and a half. I can pull on my various therapies to help. We work at your pace and work through all aspects of your loss with specific exercises and using gentle techniques.

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