Joy Beyond Grief – One Day Workshop


This workshop is designed to help you with your own personal loss. Whether you have recently been bereaved or you have been struggling for months or years. If you are feeling stuck or you feel unable to cope. Then please come along.

About the course


This workshop is for you if:


  • You have experienced bereavement of a family member, a friend or work colleague or if you have lost a pet.
  • You have had a relationship breakdown
  • You have lost your job
  • You have felt loss through financial problems


Whatever your loss this workshop helps you cope, understand and move through your grieving experience.

How this workshop will help you


Joy Beyond Grief aims to be help you in several ways

  • With your pain, whether physical or emotional
  • It will show you ways to cope with seemingly uncontrollable emotions
  • It will give you simple, gentle yet effective tools to help yourself
  • It will provide a safe, gentle and relaxed atmosphere in which to share
  • It will allow you to express your loss in various ways

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