Compassion Cards

Compassion Cards


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Having worked as a therapist and trainer for many years and specialising in working with those grieving, one aspect that has always been important is that of compassion particularly self-compassion. So, my work with compassion began, I run compassion workshops where we explore all aspects of compassion and I speak on the subject too. I decided to develop these cards as a form of self-compassion for you to use for yourself and also as a form of compassion if you gift them to someone else.


After a beautiful compassion meditation one day I wrote the words on these cards and their creation began. I then spoke to a dear friend and colleague Helen Nesbitt and from there she created the beautiful pictures. There are 33 cards in the box, a very special number. It is a master number and is highly spiritual it resonates with compassion, inspiration and blessings and represents love. Additionally, it helps us to realise all things are possible and helps us guide use towards our dreams. On each card there is a picture with an inspiring word, on the other side is a statement and an invitation to answer and contemplate a question.


These cards are made with love and are individually blessed with loving kindness before being sent to you. Ready for you to welcome them into your energy. I hope you enjoy them as much as Helen and myself enjoyed creating them.

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