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As part of your signing up to Janice Thompson’s workshops or partnering with one of Janice Thompsons Associate Practitioners on your self healing journey, you have entered into a contract with me – energetically, emotionally, spiritually, biologically, legally + financially. You are committing to a path of growth and transformation and knowledge. Janice Thompson is committed to your success.


I understand that once you turn up and see what is available to you in the online workshops or immerse yourself in the physical workshop, or choose to engage in 1-1 sessions, you will realise that it is not a “push button for instant success and instant transformation”. Instead, it requires dedication and commitment, you may wish to press the eject button and return to where you were before, however that is your choice and I Janice Thompson will choose to walk alongside you without judgment, with encouragement and compassion, as this is all about togetherness.


I am here to enable expansion. I understand it is hard work. I will fulfill my service promises to you – providing you with workshops, support and access to beautiful safe spaces for yourself and other like-minded people on similar journeys. In return, you must fulfil your end of the bargain by completing the work in whatever way that will be for you and seeing the results happen in your life, in the timeframe that we invite you. If you cannot commit to the timeframes, please advise Janice Thompson as soon as possible to assist me in assisting you in seeking other alternatives. Remember, this is a journey we are on together.


I want you to succeed. You’ve asked me to help you. We can work together to take these baby steps to becoming aware of limiting beliefs and transformation and awareness. This is where the real magic happens – when you persevere, and commit, and transform the fear. With many beautiful tools I will and can guide you.


My request to you – give me feedback (transformationtojoy@gmail.com) about what you want to see next in the upcoming training or what you’d like to see differently. I will do everything in my power to make that happen.


There is much for you to do, learn, grow and see results from inside yourself and for your clients, friends and family. Mainly from YOU. What else is possible?


Terms & Conditions

Regular offers cannot be used with further offers, discounts or being shared with anyone else.



Cash, BACS or paypal transfer are acceptable methods of payment.


By clicking ‘pay deposit’ or ‘pay now’ you confirm you have read and accepted Janice Thompsons terms and conditions for both sessions and workshops.


I do not currently penalise for payment plans but I need your commitment to pay monthly by direct debit/paypal.  These payments can be taken automatically from your bank account.  If these payments are delayed, you will be charged a £15 administration fee for each month of non-payment and a further % of interest.


We reserve the right to seek recovery of any monies remaining unpaid sixty days from the date of invoice via collection Agencies and/or through the Small Claims Court in the event that the outstanding balance does not exceed £3000. In such circumstances, you shall be liable for any and all additional administrative and/or court costs.



For online reservations for 1-1 sessions, please remember: you can cancel online or by phone up to 1 day before the session start time. If you book a 1-1 session and either do not show, your reservation will be lost and your account will be charged. Please note that sessions you purchase under your name can only be used by you and are non transferable i.e If you purchase 5 sessions it will be for 5 sessions on your account and cannot be transferred to another client’s account. If you would like to sign up another person for a session, course, workshop or event you must reserve and pay for them separately online with their full name and contact details.


As the workshops are so intimate with small numbers, if you commit to attending and change your mind, then a cancellation fee of 20% of the full course fee will be charged up to 6 weeks prior to the workshop, after that 50% will be chargeable up to 4 weeks prior to workshop. No refund will be given on workshops if cancellation is less than 4 weeks prior to workshop. Please do contact me so that I can assure you that this is the correct workshop for you.



All payments for workshops are non refundable and non transferable. You hold the right to leave that workshop if you wish and use that same workshop at another time. You must notify the trainer before you leave or you will not be issued a credit to use the workshop at a later time.


1-1 Sessions

6 Session bundles are valid for SIX months starting the day of purchase.


Unless otherwise notified with 24 hours notice, Janice Thompson will wait 15 minutes for all 1-1 sessions, meetings online or face to face. After 15 minutes this will be seen as a no show and will be debited as one of your sessions and cannot be rescheduled unless an additional fee is paid.


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My web-site contains general information about medical conditions and treatments.  The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such.


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The medical information on my web-site is provided without any representations or warranties, expressed or implied.  I make no representations or warranties in relation to the medical information on this web-site.

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(5) This disclaimer

This medical disclaimer is based on a free SEQ Legal template. SEQ Legal also supply premium legal templates, including distributor agreement templates.


(6) Registrations and authorisations

I am registered with EFTi Emotional Freedom Techniques International which is a not for profit association and EFTMRA EFT Matrix Reimprinting Academy. I am subject to the Code of Conduct which can be found at https://eftinternational.org/about-us/efti-policies-and-procedures/code-of-conduct-and-ethics/


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Please Note: By reading, using, or purchasing any of the information or products on my web-site you agree to the Disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions of its use.


I am a complementary and alternative health practitioner, with a  background of EFT, MATRIX Reimprinting & META Health, but not a licensed medical practitioner. I am a trained Master Trainer of EFT, MATRIX Reimprinting, META Health and associates are all trained to certification level.


Please be aware that this, and any associated web-sites, is not intended to be a substitute for appropriate, qualified medical care from doctors or other health-care providers.


Neither, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), sometimes also known as MTT (Meridian Tapping Techniques) nor the information here is intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or psychological disorder.


My web-site offers EFT as self-improvement material for educational purposes to offer information on other complementary options to help you in your quest for self-development, optimum health and well-being. You may wish to discuss this information with your healthcare providers before implementing any changes.


Although qualified in many Alternative/Complimentary modalities Janice Thompson nor any of her associates (unless specifically referred to as one) are not licensed medical practitioners and thus any medical references in any of the material, including but not limited to audio downloads, e-books and web-sites are to be treated as general information and hear say only.  We strongly advise you to seek professional advice as appropriate before implementing any protocols or opinions expressed on this web-site or in any associated products, including using EFT, Matrix Reimprinting or any other modalities referred to and before making any health decisions.


Even though you may find that your requirements change, you should never discontinue prescribed medicines or treatments without prior consultation with your healthcare professional.


All the information presented here on this, and associated web-sites, is based upon the experiences and research of the author(s).


EFT/Matrix Reimprinting has produced remarkable clinical results for the relief of emotional and physical distress. EFT appears to have promising mental, spiritual, and physical health benefits but has yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities. Although research into how and why EFT works is ongoing, as EFT has only been used in its current form since the mid-1990s it may be considered a relatively new ‘healing’ approach and thus still in the experimental stage. Therefore the extent of its effectiveness, as well as its risks and benefits are not yet fully known and all users of EFT, both practitioners and laymen, must take complete and personal responsibility for their use of it.


By reading these pages, or making use of any audio components, you understand that there is no professional relationship between you and the author Janice Thompson. The author(s) cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects, outcomes or consequences resulting from the use of the techniques underlined here, either on you or others.


You agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with your use of EFT/Matrix Reimprinting, and to not go where you have no right to be, e.g. you should never try to treat psychotic or other seriously ill people, unless you are qualified to do so.


You understand that your choice to use EFT/Matrix Reimprinting is of your own free will and not subject to any outside pressure.


Although EFT/Matrix Reimprinting is generally considered an easy and gentle technique to use, you further understand that if you choose to use these Tapping techniques, it is possible that emotional or physical sensations or additional unresolved memories may surface which could be perceived as negative side effects. Emotional material may continue to surface after using EFT/Matrix Reimprinting, indicating other issues may need to be addressed. Previously vivid or traumatic memories may fade which could adversely impact your ability to provide detailed legal testimony regarding a traumatic incident.


All materials and references/links to other resources are given in good faith; however, the accuracy, validity, effectiveness, completeness, or usefulness of any such information cannot be guaranteed. The authors and publishers accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of this information contained on this or any other associated web-sites.


Your use of any information or materials on this web-site is entirely at your own risk, for which Janice Thompson shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through my web-site meet your specific requirements.


You agree and understand that the information presented is only for your own personal use. In order to use EFT/Matrix Reimprinting with others, you understand you need to become sufficiently trained and qualified as an EFT/Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. I accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information contained in this product or on any associated web-sites.


If ever you are in doubt, you should always seek the help of a qualified medical practitioner.


Please Note: EFT/Matrix Reimprinting is a very flexible process; my web site and any other EFT information that Janice Thompson shares represents her own views and does not necessarily reflect those of EFT founder, Gary Craig, nor of Karl Dawson Creator of Matrix Reimprinting, nor any other body named on this website.


In a pure EFT/Matrix Reimprinting session there is no diagnosis or prognosis. It can be given in conjunction with any other treatments, HOWEVER it is not a treatment.  In META Health, once you have a medical diagnoses then Janice Thompson can offer you further analysis of the root cause and work with you for a bespoke strategy plan to self heal.