D.S. – America


Thank you for your wonderful and inspired guidance with the grief I experienced after the death of my dad, Peter. I found peaceful transitioning through levels of grief I did not understand nor accepted.


Matrix is an amazing tool and your expertise and intuitive nature helped me in more ways than I can articulate. Suffice to say, the heaviness and burden of grief and the many negative impacts I experienced which included impaired sleep patterns and lack of enthusiasm for things I once enjoyed, have now come into balance with your help.


You are truly gifted and offer yourself with wholehearted love and acceptance.

P.C. – England


Janice has been an invaluable help to me during the early months after my boyfriend’s sudden death. Not only did she create a safe space for me to let the tears flow, but with the help of Matrix Reimprinting she helped me to change all the painful and traumatic memories surrounding this event in a way that was consoling, even uplifting, according to my own belief system.


With her sympathetic and kind help, I feel I’ve come a really long way in the grieving process in a relatively short time and feel ready to move on with my life. Thanks so much Janice!

K.R. – England


I have been through my fair share of trauma but I went on Janice’s Joy Beyond Grief course as a Practitioner not thinking I had much to learn myself. Not only is it possible to cope with grief and survive but with the expertise and fun experienced on Janice’s course give yourself permission to really thrive and fill your life with joy again.


Janice is a wholly competent practitioner who approaches this difficult subject with confidence, knowledge, experience and skills that go way beyond the mainstream approach to grief.

Chloe – Flamingo Marketing


Janice is full of life and has had such a positive impact on my life.
I’ve worked with Janice one-on-one with blocks I have faced with my life and business and helped me understand the ‘why’.


I also attended Janice’s EFT level 1&2 workshop during January 2016, which has, and still continues to have a profound effect on me with the tools I learnt during this time.


Janice is completely dedicated to her work, and has a unique take on therapy where most sessions you can’t help laughing.


I recommend Janice highly to all my friends and family and I love to discuss with others what I’ve learnt during her workshops and retreats.

AJP – England


Joy beyond Grief by Janice Thompson was an insightful, gentle and worthwhile course I would recommend to any EFT and Matrix practitioner. Grief had been popping up frequently in many of my sessions; it can be a delicate subject so I wanted to learn how to approach it as best I could as a practitioner.


The 2-day course covered the stages and types of grief, it allows you to practice in a safe space and asks questions leaving you feeling confident and enlightened.


Janice is a wonderful teacher, has a lovely presence and I hope to do more of her courses in the future