What is META-Health


META-Health is a tool, which helps you to get to the root cause of a problem and not just deal with symptoms. I use it to help find the true cause of any illness, dis-ease, physical or emotional problem. META- Health works from the premise that the body does not make mistakes. Therefore, any ‘problems’ with the body is it’s way of trying to get you to deal with something it is unhappy about. Whether that be physical or psychological.


META-Health is designed to find out why you are ill, what caused it, what stages of the process you are in and what will be the next stage. Once this information has been gained, various techniques and therapies can be used to help resolve the problem. To enable you to help yourself back to wellness, the bodies natural state.

How does META-Health work?


META-Health works by understanding how our thoughts, emotions, organs and brain are all interrelated. When in harmony we are well and full of vitality when in disharmony we are not well. Our mind, body and social health is deeply interrelated and when we experience stress this can affect our emotions and beliefs and our health. Our body then goes through a process, which enables the body to realign and bring itself back to wellness. However, sometimes we can get stuck in this process and we go back and forth between two phases: Stress phase and regeneration phase.

The META-Health Process


  1. Stress Trigger – This is the initial stress and can be as obvious as an actual traumatic event like a car crash or as subtle as an insult from someone you love.
  2. Stress Phase – This is the collection of symptoms or processes the organ tissue will go through as it registers a stress and these vary from tissue to tissue.
  3. Regeneration Trigger – This is the signal to start the healing process, it can be subconscious and automatic as the body pushes towards homeostasis or the result of intervention.
  4. Regeneration Phase – During this phase the tissues do all they can to readdress the balance disturbed during the stress phase. For some tissues this balance is achieved through an increase in function and for others through a reduction.
  5. Return to Wellbeing

What META-Health can be used to help with


It can be used to find a root cause of a health problem. META-Health re- empowers you, by helping you to understand about your particular illness, dis-ease or emotional problem. It puts you back in the driving seat on the road to your own recovery. Once you understand that your problem is a way of your body to try and communicate with you and guide you to a resolution you will feel more in control. Better able to put the therapies in place to help yourself. This will have a positive affect on your health and ultimately to your recovery. There are various techniques, which can be used for this. See my other therapies.

The benefits of using META-Health


The benefits of understanding your issue from a META- Health perspective to you is that you actually get to the root of your problem, instead of just dealing with the symptoms (which we generally do, which so often means the return of them at some point). By finding the true cause of your problem whether it be physical or psychological we can then work together to assist your body to return to it’s natural state of wellbeing.

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