EFT Training Course

EFT Training Course


This course is accredited by The EFT & Mindfulness Centre or if specifically requested by EFTi (Emotional Freedom Techniques international).It  is both suitable for you if wish to help yourself with any number of health or emotional issues. It is also suitable if you are a therapist who would like a new dynamic tool to further help you when working with clients. If you do wish to become a practitioner of EFT you will also have to complete additional work. See link below.


EFT is a versatile therapy which is non-invasive and is described as “emotional acupuncture without needles”. It is a meridian based technique which also uses cognition to help rebalance the body’s energy system by dealing with negative emotions. Due to the level EFT works on it can help with many emotional, psychological and physical issues. Including helping with trauma, PTSD, addictions, anxiety, weight loss, grief, MS, ME, chronic fatigue, exam anxiety, depression, pain relief, stress and many more issues.

EFT Level 1


EFT Level 1 is an introduction to foundational EFT skills. It is designed to help students use basic EFT competently in a non-professional capacity. Completion of Level 1 is a prerequisite for further EFT training, and it does not confer Practitioner status. Level 1 is a two day course.

EFT Level 2


EFT Level 2 is designed to give students a complete experiential overview of all foundational EFT skills. Completion of Level 2 is a prerequisite for EFTi Practitioner Certification and it does not confer Practitioner status. Level 2 is a two day course.

About the course


Both levels 1 & 2 are held over a 4 day period, although you can choose to do level 1 as a standalone and level 2 at a later date. It is generally recommended that both are completed together.


PLACES ARE LIMITED as I feel small groups allow you to get the most from the course, so book NOW


For information on additional requirements for practitioner status please click here

What’s included


Whilst attending this course you will receive the best possible guidance as well as continued support and advice on how to further progress in EFT from a highly experienced trainer.

  • 4 full days of teaching
  • Demonstrations
  • Practice sessions
  • Video support
  • 2 comprehensive manuals
  • Certificate of attendance

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