Matrix Reimprinting Course

Matrix Reimprinting Course


This course is EFTMRA (Emotional Freedom Techniques Matrix Reimprinting Academy) accredited. It is a technique, which has been created by Karl Dawson, an EFT master and utilizes EFT as part of its process. It can help you to change your relationship with your past, which in turn can dramatically transform physical and emotional health in the present.


Matrix Reimprinting is a tool that can get to the core of a present day problem, quickly (in most cases) and gently. It can help you understand beliefs you made in times of trauma, which no longer serve you. This can have a profound effect on your life and help you to break old patterns of emotional behaviour, which has negatively impacted your life. You can then change those beliefs into more positive ones, which will support you and help you to transform your life, drastically for the better.

About the course


As with EFT this technique can help will all manner of physical, emotional and psychological issues as it works with the bodies energy system which supports all aspects of us.


Prerequisite for the course is the completion of EFT levels 1 & 2.


PLACES ARE LIMITED as I feel small groups allow you to get the most from the course, so book NOW


For information on additional requirements for practitioner status please click here

What’s included


Whilst attending this course you will receive the best possible guidance as well as continued support and advice on how to further progress in Matrix Reimprinting from a highly experienced trainer.

  • 2 full days of teaching
  • Demonstrations
  • Practice sessions
  • Video support
  • A comprehensive manual
  • Certificate of attendance

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